About this blog

School teaches us that every question is supposed to have a right answer. But most interesting questions don’t. At least the ones that concern people in society and real decisions in the real world. So they’re mostly “evil”, hard, wicked.
I like thinking, and to me thinking is a creative process. It’s about making up new ideas, creating new possibilities and new perspectives. Not about arriving at a single, final, definitive result. It’s a divergent rather than a convergent process, as Richard Rorty phrased it, if I remember correctly.
This does not mean that there is no truth. Only that the number of true statement about any given situation is potentially astronomical. And that there are patterns and connections that remain undiscovered.
My CV may not seem to have much to say that’s relevant to what I’m doing here. I’ve worked mostly in software development, which might seem unrelated, except that much of it is precisely a kind of creative thought process with a real-world result.
Some have thought that I was trying to remain anonymous, simply because I failed to add this page to the blog, but I’m not. It would be fairly easy to discover my identity, especially after Judith Curry published one of my essays.
So hello, I’m Dagfinn Reiersøl. That’s it for now. More later maybe.